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When the Dust Settles - Rob Cook with Carl Curtain

$32.95 AUD


The amazing story of one of our families.... When third-generation cattleman Rob Cook set out on a routine mustering job in a chopper it was a day in the outback like any other, but when the chopper suddenly fell out of the sky, smashing into the ground, it was the day that changed everything. This one-time professional bull-rider had been in scrapes before - he had miraculously walked away from a previous crash in his beloved gyro - but this time it was different. This time there was no walking away. Seven hours later he was rescued from the wreck on one of Australia's most remote cattle stations, Suplejack Downs, but his journey back to life, to his young family and to a way of life he loved had only just begun. When the Dust Settles is the extraordinary story of Rob Cook's recovery from the catastrophic helicopter accident that left him paralysed; it is the story of Suplejack Downs Station and one of Australia's must remarkable and resilient bush dynasties.

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