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The School of the Air Visitor Centre has welcomed visitors since 1996, enabling you to gain an insight into remote education and discover what it’s like to live and go to school in outback Australia.  Set up as an initiative of the School Council, the Visitor Centre is much like a school fete, raising funds for student enrichment programs and for the purchase of expensive equipment.

Who owns the Visitor Centre?

The Visitor Centre is owned by the School Council with admission fees, purchases from our store and generous donations a way for the School to raise money.  Alice Springs School of the Air is a government funded school, however the expense of providing education to our remote students is many times that of a traditional face-to-face school.

Every person who visits the School of the Air or purchases an item from our shop, helps contribute to the success of our school. You can also help by donating a little bit extra when you are here or at any time of the year.

What will your donation be used for?

Funds raised through the Visitor Centre and donations generously given by people like you are used for a multitude of needs. There are many learning and extra-curricular programs that help us provide an enriching educational experience for our students, inspiring them to strive for and reach their dreams and aspirations.  Some examples include:

  • Maintenance of an additional 4-wheel-drive vehicle enabling us to visit students regularly
  • Curriculum resources that are sent to our students
  • Expensive IT equipment assisting with satellite technology
  • Individual student equipment such as tablet devices to provide children with access to new mediums and technology
  • Wireless speakers and microphones to assist in interactive learning
  • Books and resources for our much loved library so that each child can regularly borrow from a contemporary collection
  • Art equipment and supplies
  • PE equipment

How can you donate?

The School of the Air is an essential and much loved part of children’s lives in outback Australia, and we greatly appreciate donations of any amount to help enhance their education experience.

We thank you for keeping our more than 70-year history alive and supporting our Outback children that always ‘learn remotely!’

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We appreciate your support

Facilitating daily contact between students, home tutors and teachers, the school has always strived to find new and better ways of enriching the education of Australia’s most remote children.

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