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Welcome to the world’s largest classroom, covering more than 1.3 million square kilometres (over half-a-million square miles)

The Alice Springs School of the Air Experience is one of the most popular, unique and authentic attractions in Central Australia.

A trip to the Alice Springs School of the Air Visitor Centre will bring to life an integral and unique facet of the children’s lives in the Australian Outback. You will hear their stories of school from afar, life on the land, and share in their dreams, achievements, and journeys.

We are located 3.5 kilometres (2.2 miles) north of the Alice Springs CBD.

Admission Fees


(17 year and above)



(5 - 16 years)



(2 adults + 2 children*)



(2 adults + 3 children*)





*Children included in our family rates can be up to 18 years of age provided they are visiting with their parents.
*Rates per person and per family group
*Seniors concession card to be shown

What you’ll experience:

  • Listen to a presentation from our local guide about the evolution of the School Of The Air
  • Learn how technology has changed the delivery of education in Outback Australia
  • Learn how our Outback families integrate their children’s educational needs with the challenges of remote living
  • Watch a short film which provides a snapshot into the lives of our students and their tutors, as well as seeing what it is like for our teachers to visit our Outback families (our film can be played with subtitles and our information sheets are available in a multitude of different languages)
  • Broadcasting studio presentations: Teaching In Action!*
  • Observe a live or pre-recorded lesson 
  • Learn about our children's history, dreams and aspirations by browsing through samples of the children’s work in their many varied forms on display
  • An opportunity to purchase unique and authentic souvenirs in our retail store

Live Lessons

Our studio presentation is the most popular experience in our Visitor Centre! You may have the opportunity to observe a teacher conducting a live* lesson in one of our five broadcasting studios, right front of you! Watch our teachers interact via video conferencing with our students who are scattered across the outback regions of the Northern Territory, country Australia and abroad.

*At times our teachers and our students take well deserved breaks! During these times live lessons will be replaced with pre-recorded lessons. 

What else is there to see and do?

Our multi-award winning interpretive centre takes you on a journey into the lives of Outback families as you discover how children living hundreds of kilometres from the nearest school receive an education.  A local guide will welcome you upon arrival, introducing you to what there is to see and do at our Centre before beginning your tour. 
You can take the time you want to browse our interpretive displays, enjoy student’s artwork, visit our store and chat with our staff.

Opening hours and lesson times

See below for more information regarding our opening times. We recommend you allow 45 minutes to experience the Visitor Centre, which is enough time to observe a live or pre-recorded lesson, listen to our guide’s presentation, watch the film, browse our displays and visit our store.

During normal school hours the opportunity may exist to observe a live lesson in one of our five broadcasting studios. Pre-recorded lessons are always available for you to view.

Facilitating daily contact between students, home tutors and teachers,
the school has always strived to find new and better ways of enriching the education of
Australia’s most remote children.

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