The Visitor Centre
& School

Photos from the Head Street Visitor Centre and School.

The Alice Springs School of the Air Visitor Centre is a multi-award winning interpretive centre located 3.5km from the CBD which offers visitors from around the globe a virtual journey in "The World's Largest Classroom".

Our film and guided presentations reveal stories about the school and our students, sharing a distinctive history, outback lifestyle and world-renowned innovations of our uniquely Australian school. Take the opportunity to visit Alice Springs School of the Air and be inspired by what has been and continues to be one of the most distinctive methods of education in the world.

Our students study at home with a home tutor and join with a teacher for a regular live class lessons broadcast via satellite from our studios in Alice Springs. Discover the unique teaching methods used from the founding through to the present day.

A short film is screened and during normal school hours the opportunity exists to observe a live lesson. Outside school hours, pre-recorded lessons are screened providing a full interpretation of how lessons take place during class times.

All funds raised in the visitor centre directly support the student enrichment programs such as curriculum resources and activities, including providing funds for the purchase of expensive IT equipment.

Facilitating daily contact between students, home tutors and teachers,
the school has always strived to find new and better ways of enriching the education of
Australia’s most remote children.

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