Meet Heath and his Family

Heath has been attending Alice Springs School of the Air for 3 years. Below, his mother gives some insight to their daily life as an Alice Springs School of the Air family. 

Our business, Murranji Water Drilling has us travelling around to some of the most remote places in Australia drilling water bores for drought stricken farmers and large cattle stations.

To add to the excitement of our amazing life we have been able to share with the world what we do by starring on the TV show ‘Outback Truckers’ for the past 5 years. Taking everything to the next level!

We don’t live a normal life as our job doesn’t consist of ordinary 9-5 day so our children aren’t able to attend mainstream schools. If it wasn’t for school of the air our children wouldn’t be able to have an education. 

There is no such thing as a typical school day for us, every day is different and a new adventure. Being a student with Alice Springs School of the Air (ASSOA) gives us flexibility and the opportunity to complete school tasks around our crazy lifestyle without ever falling behind. The support we receive from ASSOA is phenomenal and we are so extremely happy we found something that works for us. We are lucky our classroom is on wheels, a truck trailer topped with a shipping container converted into the coolest mobile school room and our own governess, Laura that travels around Australia with us. Laura finished year 12 at boarding school in NSW in 2019 and was looking for an adventure and she has certainly had one for the past year. Loving it so much she has decided to stay for another year. Sometimes it can get a little lonely for Heath being the only one in the school room but we were lucky enough to give Heath a little brother a year ago, who will eventually end up in there with him too. However Heath has been able to make friends all over Australia and gets to enjoy their company every term at our ‘in school weeks’ which according to him is the best weeks ever! 

Facilitating daily contact between students, home tutors and teachers, the school has always strived to find new and better ways of enriching the education of Australia’s most remote children.

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