Outback School - Norah Kersh, Coreena Lucas, & Nicky Cooper, Illistrated by Norah Kersh

$23.95 AUD


A children's reading book dedicated to all the mums, dads and School of the Air teachers who have such a positive impact on so many young lives through their commitment to learning in sometimes very difficult circumstances. Norah Kersh's delightful illustrations reveal her intimate knowledge of the way in which school and daily life intersect for children in remote Australia, and the indispensible role School of the Air plays in their social and educational life. Kim Mahood We all recognise the importance of the School of the Air, particularly those of us raised or working in remote areas of the bush. It's difficult to imagine how difficult the lives of many outback Australians would be without the connection and positive contribution of this unique service. Outback School is a delightfully illustrated book portraying the daily life of children isolated by big distances and growing up in Australia's sparsely populated rural regions. Andrew Marshall, Editor, The Land.

Facilitating daily contact between students, home tutors and teachers,
the school has always strived to find new and better ways of enriching the education of
Australia’s most remote children.

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